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TSK | leader in annealing
Our company is a leader in the European market for metal heat treatment. Our team is composed of experienced workers and specialist in the field of heat treatment. We use advanced technologies and technological procedures for the purpose of the highest quality and most effective work. For everything says our references and our satisfied customers. We have been working on many large projects, which have been very successful. Just tell us your needs, and we’ll satisfy them beyond your expectations.

TSK Company offers many kinds of pre-heat and annealing work. We provide trained staff with international experiences and latter advanced technology. Take advantage of our offer and let ́s make a personal offer calculation.
Send us a message within our website, or arrange a meeting with us through our communication channels. Our mission is to respond to our clients needs, diligently, quickly, and honestly, with the highest regard for customer satisfaction.

Annealing is a method of metal heat treatment, which target is a change of material mechanical properties elicited with change its microscopic structure with high temperature. Annealing includes usually three steps: material is heated up to specified temperature so that it will be all equally warmed, cools down on annealing temperature and it stays on this level specified time (isothermal processing) and then let’s cool down. Annealing consists of more than three steps called annealing program. Temperature of annealing is often very close to temperature of meltdown material temperature, but it can never get over. The purpose of annealing is very often increasing of toughness, sensibility and limit of fortress.


TSK | welding technology
We use this semi-automatic method for the fast and all over welding of bolts with head, with thread, studs, rivets, anchors, V-anchors, on the pipes, profiles, boiler walls and many more. This is extremely fast and advanced connection technology, which allows the welding of the entire cross section of the bolt and does not distort the base material under heat affected zone. Service, which significantly saves time and financial cost of the client.

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