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Thermocouples unit BT 2
Technical parameters

By In equipment On April 27, 2014

Portable rechargeable unit BT-2 is designed for welding of thermocouples by max. diameter of 1,4 mm on weldable steel. Energy necessary for create of spot weld is obtained by capacitor discharge. Optimal parameters for welding thermocouples of different diameters is provided by adjust of discharge intensity on the regulator. Unit is mounted in a leather case that ensures protection against damage.

Maximal Thermocouple diameter 1,4 mm
Approximate number of discharges when fully charged battery: 800
Charging current: 150 mA
Supply voltage: 230 V AC
Battery charging time: cca 5 hours
Dimensions: 130 x 140 x 75 mm
Weight (kg): 2,5
Coverage: IP 23
Operating position: random